Ceiling hoods - Nitro 360 - S

Nitro 360 - S

Intelligent & silence Ceiling Hood

The new R1000GP motor with the A+ energy rating, has great suctioning power and practically noiseless operation at speeds 1 and 2. This ensures that nothing interferes with an interesting conversation or a moment of peace and quiet, bringing comfort and peace to your home.

The Nitro 360 - S model has mounting clips, meaning it can be installed easily, quickly and effortlessly by one person.

Flush mount
Due to its design, this ceiling-mounted hood is flush with the ceiling, eliminating unattractive shadows and improving aspiration.

The Nitro 360 - S hood can only be installed to false ceiling, for which the ceiling must be constructed to withstand a weight of 30 or 40kg.



• Silence Plus R1000GP fan• Soundproofed with Fonotech material.• 90 cm AirSoft 2 silencer duct.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Easy fix tabs system• LED lighting with 3 tone dimmer (4/7W). <br>
  (Cold Light 5500K/Neutral Light 4000k/Warm Light 2700k).• 360º rotary fan• Minimum height for technical ceiling 198 mm.

Technical information


  • 1000-S/S internal fan R1000GP
  • 1000-BL internal fan R1000GP
  • 1300-S/S internal fan R1000GP
  • 1300-BL internal fan R1000GP

Technical design

1000-1300 - Output 230 x 80 mm.
Built-in dimensions 970 x 473 1270 x 673 mm.

Nitro 360 - S drawing

Optional items

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