Built-in hoods - GA Filo S8

GA Filo S8

Stainless steel integration and a lot of silence

The Frecan built-in GA Filo hood is made of stainless steel and fits complete inside the cupboard, forming a completely invisible hood.

Equipped with the new S8 engine, it is part of Frecan's ultra-silence range hoods.



• Electronic control• S8 silent motor• 60 cm AirSoft 1 silencer duct.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting (1.2W - 4000K).• Remote control included.

Technical information



Technical design

560 - 760 - 1000 - Air Outlet Ø 150
Built-in dimensions: 524 x 259 / 724 x 259 / 964 x 259

GA Filo S8 drawing

Optional items


Extra information

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