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An orderly kitchen guarantees better cooking.

Using this premise, Frecan has developed the "Save Space" concept in the new built-in InUp hood.
A kitchen hood concept that recovers 60% of the space at the bottom and central part of the cupboard. This recovered space restores the cupboard’s capacity, allowing it to store much more than herbs and spices.
In addition, the motor of the new Frecan InUp exhaust hood is further away, which means it can scarcely be heard.

The model, with a width of 900 mm. and depth of 300 mm., includes a section that also means it can be installed in cupboards with depths of 325 to 350 mm.



• Touch control.• Silence fan VF700GP.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting spotlights (2.1W - 3000K).• Remote control included.

Technical information



  • 900x300-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.


Technical design

Range Hoods - InUp - Technical design

900x300 - Air Outlet Ø150
* Depth adapter spacer included. From 325 to 350 mm

Range Hoods - InUp - Technical design

The Inup FRECAN model with its engine disasso- ciated recovers 60% of space in the lower and middle part of the cabinet relative to a traditional built in hood.

Optional items


Extra information

Easy installation
Easy installation
Door stop
Door stop
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