Island hoods - Lighting, and plasma filtration


The iLight model was created with the aim of offering a high-performance filtration system combined with a lighting design system. A combination that certainly can’t be unnoticed.

The iLight island hood is equipped with the most modern and effective filter system on the market. This hood is incorporated with the Frecan Plasma C600 filter. A high performance system that eliminates unpleasant odours, smoke, grease, pollen, viruses, bacteria and allergens in the home without loss of energy.



• Silence fan VF600GP.• Remote control included. <br>
  (This model is controlled by remote control only).• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting panel (3000K)..

Technical information


  • 640x320-WH-VF600GP Internal M.
  • 150x320-WH-Lighting


Technical design

Range Hoods - iLight - Technical design

Extra information

C600 Plasma filter included
C600 Plasma filter included