Wall-mount hoods - Impress


The Impress wall-mount decorative range hood is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1mm thickness and black glass, giving it soft and elegant contours. Fitted with led lighting strips behind the black glass panel, this model is the perfect combination of design and large extraction power.



• 1 mm stainless steel and black glass finish.• Silence Plus 1100 GP fan• GP-Silence 850GP fan• Filter saturation alarm.• LED strip (4/7W - 4200K).

Technical information


  • 900-BL internal fan 850GP
  • 900-BL-internal fan 1100GP
  • 900-BL roof fan Tj1900
  • 900-BL-interm. fan IN1100GP
  • 900-BL-wall fan PA1200

Technical design

900 - Air outlet Ø 150

Impress drawing

Optional items

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