Ceiling hoods - SCL 360

SCL 360

Almost invaluable to sight and hearing

The SCL 360 with new spiral motor allows the extraction conduits to be installed in any direction, permitting ease of installation even in wall kitchens, were the ceiling hood is installed closer to the wall.

360º Spiral Motor
The new Frecan 360º spiral motor drawer made with recycled materials, thanks to its new design uses less force to obtain better results, providing greater performance with less energy consumption and maintaining a very low noise level.

The SCL 360 model has mounting clips, meaning it can be installed easily, quickly and effortlessly.



• Compatible with H-Connect hobs.• Silence R1000GP fan.• 360º spiral fan.• Remote control included.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Easy fix tabs system.• Minimum height for technical ceiling 200 mm.• Custom made.

Technical information


  • 1000x500-S/S-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1000x500-WH-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1000x500-BK-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1300x700-S/S-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1300x700-WH-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1300x700-BK-R1000GP Internal M.
  • 1000x500-S/S-Without Fun
  • 1000x500-WH-Without Fun
  • 1000x500-BK-Without Fun
  • 1300x700-S/S-Without Fun
  • 1300x700-WH-Without Fun
  • 1300x700-BK-Without Fun


Technical design

Range Hoods - SCL 360 - Technical design

1000/1300 - Air Outlet 220 x 90 mm. o Ø150 mm.
Built-in dimensions: 970 x 475 mm / 1270 x 675 mm
Installation in fake ceiling.

Range Hoods - SCL 360 - Technical design

1000/1300 - Air Outlet Ø200
Built-in dimensions: 970 x 475 mm
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Optional items


Extra information

Installation Kit Included
Installation Kit Included