Recirculation - Cajones - R - Helsa

Cajones - R - Helsa

Box-R - HELSA (Dissociated Recirculation)

The dissociated recirculation - Box R allocate 9 to 10 Helsa charcoal cubes creating a system that enable up to 4000 parallel flow channels, capturing grease and odours very effectively. This system by separating the air in multitude channels also acts like silencer reducing the sound of the air flow.
Box R system is designed with a stainless steel grid lacquered in white RAL 9003.
This grid is magnetized thus allows flush-mounted installation. With the Box R a handle to remove the grid and access the charcoals is provided.
For a recirculation kitchen hood to meet the challenges of the future?

• Low noise generation
• Excellent odour reduction
• Easy operating, easy to clean, low maintenance cost
• The energy efficiency correlates with the demands of modern living conditions (including passive or low energy homes)

The biggest advantage of a charcoal cubes is the relation between filtering capacity, efficiency and little pressure drop. The final result is a high performance filter with low energy consumption, low noise, high lifetime, etc.
Oven regeneration: Between 150-180°C for roughly 1 - 2 hours. Best results are possible by using circulating air and a grillage, so air can circulate / pass through the filter.
Durability of the filters: With each regeneration a small memory effect is detected – A maximum of 8-10 regeneration cycles are recommended – After it a loss to performance of the charcoal cubes will be perceived.



  • Cajón-R Plano (H2)-WH
  • Cajón-R Zócalo (H3)-S/S
  • Cajón-R Plano (H5)-WH
  • Cubo Helsa (recambio)


Technical design

Range Hoods - Cajones - R - Helsa - Technical design

Range Hoods - Cajones - R - Helsa - Technical design

Range Hoods - Cajones - R - Helsa - Technical design