Why is the hood not suctioning properly?

In most cases in which a hood does not suction properly or in sufficient measure, the problem is due to the conduit installation. Our website provides information and advice regarding the importance of respecting the recommended diameters of the ducting tubes, and preventing sudden changes in direction of the tubes.


The hood lighting does not work.

1 - The bulb or halogen lamp is not working: Replace
2 - Transformer damaged: Contact the technical service.

The hood does not work.

1 - No power in the hood: check the electrical voltage.
2 - The hood is blocked: Reset it (see manual) or lower and raise the automatic switch.
3 - The fan has stopped working: Contact the technical service.

At what height should the hood be installed?

1 - Wall hoods (not inclined): 65 cm (± 5 cm) from the hob.
2 - Wall hoods (inclined): 65 cm (± 5 cm) from the centre of the glass with respect to the hob.
3 - Built-in hoods: no more than 70 cm (± 5 cm) from the hob.
4 - Island hoods: 65 cm (± 5 cm) from the hob.
5 - Ceiling hoods: between 140 and 160 cm (± 5 cm) from the hob.