Hobs - H-Connect 603 ELC

H-Connect 603 ELC

H-Connect 603 ELC

The new range of Frecan cooktops featured with H-Connect technology, allow you to control the hood from the cooktop thanks to their wireless connection.

To link one of Frecan's compatible hoods with your wireless induction hob, there are different options and smart models for ceiling, integration, wall and island.
Can you imagine being able to control the hood from the plate itself? Cooking has definitely never been so easy.  

Easy access control 
The H-Connect 603 ELC provides a friendly- using operation with the most common features of a large 3-zone induction hob.

Extended area 
The hob is equipped with a very extensive area which allows using the kitchen tools with diameters between 11 and 30 cm for the most demanding cooking. 



• <strong>H-Connect Controls (Hood control)</strong>• Power Boost function.• Container zone up to Ø30cm• Function Timer.• Heat maintenance.• Automatic detection of the container.• Security lock.

Technical information

  • H-Connect Controls (Hood control)


  • • Touch control.

  • • 9 power levels in each zone.

  • • Power Boost function.

  • • Container zone up to Ø30cm

  • • Function Timer.

  • • Heat maintenance.

  • • Automatic detection of the container.

  • • Residual heat indicator for each zone.

  • • Security lock.

  • Cooking zones

    • Left Ø300 mm. 2700 W. - Power Boost 3600 W.
    - Double inductor with a min. of Ø11 cm. and maxi. of 30 cm.
    • Rear Right Ø180 mm. 1500 W. - Power Boost 2000 W.
    • Front Right Ø145 mm. 1200 W. - Power Boost 1600 W.
    • Maximum total power 7200 W.



Technical design

Hobs - H-Connect 603 ELC - Technical design
Built-in dimensions: 560 x 490 mm