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Aspiration with elegance and discretion

Cloud Modular was created based on one of our most popular designs, the Quasar wall-mount range hood. This is an elegant and discreet ceiling-mount range hood that is easy to install and offers many fan options.

Its design enables it to be installed in technical ceilings with a minimum height of 65mm (with remote-controlled fans).

These new Frecan ceiling-mount hoods have fastening systems for anchoring them to technical ceilings and decks and can be installed by one person.

The modular system has plug & play motors, allowing you to choose from the most complete range of internal and external fan systems.



• Silence Plus R1000GP fan• Silence fan R700• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Easy fix tabs system• LED lighting with 3 tone dimmer (4/7W). <br>
  (Cold Light 5500K/Neutral Light 4000k/Warm Light 2700k).• 4-way Plug&Play fan. (R700)• 5-way Plug&Play fans. (1100GP)• Minimum height for technical ceiling 170 mm. (R700 fan)• Minimum height for technical ceiling 301 mm. (1100GP fan)• Remote control included.

Technical information


  • 2x1100GP 1200-BL-internal fans
  • 1100GP 1200-BL intermediate fan

Technical design

1200 - Air Outlet 230 x 80 mm. or Ø150
Built-in dimensions 1150 x 650 mm.

Cloud internal fans

Optional items


Extra information

Plug&play-R700 fan
Plug&play-R700 fan
Kit flat
Kit flat
Plug&play-1100GP fan
Plug&play-1100GP fan
Kit round
Kit round
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