Ceiling hoods - Inart


Great possibility of motorizations

The Frecan Inart range hood is made of stainless steel and available in size of 90

The Inart range hood has different fan options, both internal and external, and can be installed with a minimum technical ceiling height of just 82 mm using external fans.


It has fasteners for technical ceilings and for attaching to decks.

If selecting this option, the technical ceiling must be able to support a weight of 25 kg.



• Silence fan R700• Silence Plus 1100 GP fan• 4-way Plug&Play fan. (R700)• 5-way Plug&Play fans. (1100GP)• Minimum height for technical ceiling 187 mm. (R700 fans)• Minimum height for technical ceiling 318 mm. (1100GP fan)• Deferred stop (Last Time).• LED lighting spotlights (2.1W - 3000K).• Remote control included.

Technical information


  • 1x1100GP 900-S/S internal fan

Technical design

900- Air Outlet 220x90 mm. o Ø150 mm.
Built-in dimensions 850 x 750 mm.

Inart 2xS600n

Optional items


Extra information

Plug&play-R700 fan
Plug&play-R700 fan
Kit flat
Kit flat
Plug&play-1100GP fan
Plug&play-1100GP fan
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