Custom made hoods - GA SP Inox

GA SP Inox

Frecan offers the option of custom-engineering a selection of its extractor hoods, in order to adapt the hood to the specific needs of a particular kitchen.
Frecan produces these models by hand, with the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

The GA built-in hood can be adapted to all types of cupboards or structures, offering great freedom in kitchen design.



• Compatible with H-Connect hobs.• Silence VF700, 1100GP fan.• Remote control included.• Touch control.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting spotlights (3000K).• Stainless steel filters.• Easy clean panel.• Custom made.

Technical information

Technical design

Range Hoods - GA SP Inox - Technical design
de 800 a 1800 mm.
*Other measures or external motorizations consult.