Recirculation - Filtros Carbón

Filtros Carbón

Charcoal Filters (recirculation)

This system it is recommended when due to installation restrictions a external outlet can not be provided. Recirculating cooker hoods are provided with charcoal filters which are composed by active carbon particles that due to its nanoporosity remove grease and cooking odors and recycle air back into the kitchen.

All Frecan hoods are developed to work recirculation mode either allocating internal charcoal filters or a remote recirculation box; Box-R.

For a good durability of the charcoal filters and to prevent them to clog it is very important to maintain clean hood stainless steel or aluminum filters.
We suggest changing carbon filters minimun about every year, depending on how intensive the use of the hood is, to ensure proper operation.



  • Kit de recirculación (VF600/700)
  • Kit de recirculación
  • Filtro carbón activo DF HC
  • Filtro de recirculación
  • Filtro de recirculación
  • Filtro de carbono FC Plus Techo
  • Filtro carbono FC-Plus