Ceiling hoods - Meet


Ceiling hood with dissociated motor.

The new ceiling hood Meet from Frecan is a very versatile extractor, whose internal motor can be installed at distance. Thanks to this dissociated modality and to the top discharge of its motor, this hood can be installed in very narrow false ceilings (minimum 9cm) by placing vertically the dissociated motor. By placing the dissociated motor horizontally, the minimum height of the ceiling hood required would be of 23,5cm. In this case, we would have the possibility of positioning the motor 360 discharge in any direction. This hood can also be installed with the motor aboard.


The FRECAN Meet extractor is a functional and polyvalent ceiling hood that offers a great performance and lower noise levels thanks to the new German motor ST8 by EBMpapst. In addition, is compatible with H-Connect plates, which allow you to control all the functions of the hood from a control located on the plate.



• Compatible with H-Connect hobs.• ST8 dissociable silent motor.• Remote control included.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• LED lighting spotlights (3000K).• Easy fix tabs system.• Dissociable Motor.• Minimum height for technical ceiling 190 mm.• 7 years warranty.

Technical information


  • 1000x500-S/S-ST8 Internal M.
  • 1000x500-S/S-ST8 Internal M.-Without light
  • 1000x500-WH-ST8 Internal M.
  • 1000x500-WH-ST8 Internal M.-Without light


Technical design

Range Hoods - Meet - Technical design

1000 - Air Outlet 220 x 90 mm
Built-in dimensions: 975 x 475 mm
* Measure using the wall mounting feet

Range Hoods - Meet - Technical design

Dissociable motor.

Optional items


Extra information

Dissociator kit.
Dissociator kit.