Island hoods - Mercury


The island cookerhood Mercury  is made in Stainless Steel 304 in 1mm thickness and characterised for his robust and practicity. Equipated with High Class Filters, thermometer+timer, Balanced Aspiration tray-Easy Clean, led lighting, etc... all these mades these model as one of the most completes cookerhoods by Frecan.



• 1 mm stainless steel finish.• Electronic control• Thermometer and timer.• Silence Plus 1100 GP fan• Easy installation system for island hoods• HC stainless steel filters• AC System (balanced extraction)• Easy-to-clean panel.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED strip (5W - 2700K).Custom-engineered option (please enquire)

Technical information



  • 1100GP 900-S/S internal fan
  • IN1100GP 900-S/S interm. fan
  • PA1200 900-S/S wall fan
  • TJ1900 900-S/S roof fan
  • 1100GP 1200-S/S internal fan
  • IN1100GP1200-S/S interm. fan
  • PA1200 1200-S/S wall fan
  • TJ1900 1200-S/S roof fan
  • 1100GP 1350-S/S internal fan
  • IN1100GP 1350-S/S interm. fan
  • PA1200 1350-S/S wall fan
  • TJ1900 1350-S/S roof fan
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Technical design

900 - 1200 - 1350 - Air outlet Ø 150

Mercury drawing

Optional items


Extra information

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