Island hoods - Mercury


The island cookerhood Mercury  is made in Stainless Steel 304 in 1mm thickness and characterised for his robust and practicity. Equipated with High Class Filters, thermometer+timer, Balanced Aspiration tray-Easy Clean, led lighting, etc. All these mades these model as one of the most completes cookerhoods by Frecan.



• AISI 304 of 1 mm stainless steel finish.• Touch control.• Thermometer and timer.• 1100GP Silence Motor.• Easy installation system for island hoods• Inox High Class filters.• AC System (balanced extraction).• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Custom made.• Filter saturation alarm.• LED light stripe (5W/meter - 2700K).

Technical information


  • 900x660-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 900x660-S/S-DIS1100GP Internal M.
  • 900x660-S/S-PA1200 wall M.
  • 900x660-S/S-TJ1900 roof M.
  • 1200x660-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1200x660-S/S-DIS1100GP Internal M.
  • 1200x660-S/S-PA1200 wall M.
  • 1200x660-S/S-TJ1900 roof M.
  • 1350x660-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1350x660-S/S-DIS1100GP Internal M.
  • 1350x660-S/S-PA1200 wall M.
  • 1350x660-S/S-TJ1900 roof M.