Island hoods - White - Black

White - Black

The White kitchen hood is simple in conceptual terms, but one of the most brilliant items in the line. Its white steel finish and balanced aspiration make the White hood the best option for your kitchen.

It is luminous, large, blends in well and is perfect for any kitchen.
In particular, it is ideal for small kitchens, as it enlarges the space and for interior or dark kitchens, as it generates light. Furthermore, this hood never goes out of fashion and goes well with everything. It is perfect for any style and time, increases the life of your kitchen and gives it a sophisticated touch.

Dimmable lighting (demo)
Now you can change the visual aspect of the kitchen with the new adjustable lighting, which allows you to program the intensity and temperature (from 3000K to 4000K).



• 1100GP Silence Motor.• Touch control.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• White or black lacquered aluminium filters.• AC System (balanced extraction).• Easy clean panel.• Easy installation system for island hoods

Technical information