Built-in hoods - Feel


Integration, elegance and a lot of silence

The Frecan built-in Feel range hood is made of Stainless Steel and completely fitted beneath the cupboard, hidden from view. Thanks to its foldable door, this kitchen range hood operates by perimetral aspiration (with the foldable door closed) or in the traditional mode (with the foldable door open), with the latter option providing a larger extraction area when the front burners in the cooking area are used.

Dimmable lighting (demo)
Now you can change the visual aspect of the kitchen with the new adjustable lighting, which allows you to program the intensity and temperature (from 3000K to 4000K).



• Silence VF700, 1100GP fan.• Touch control.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• Stainless steel filters.• Easy clean panel.

Technical information


  • 540-S/S-VF700 Internal M.
  • 760-S/S-VF700 Internal M.
  • 760-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1000-S/S-VF700 Internal M.
  • 1000-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 760-S/S-Without Fun
  • 1000-S/S-Without Fun