Built-in hoods - GA


The Frecan built-in GA hood is made of stainless steel and fits completely inside the cupboard, where it is hidden from view.



• Compatible with H-Connect hobs.• Silence VF600, VF700, 1100GP fan.• Remote control included.• Touch control.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting spotlights (3000K).• Easy clean panel.• Custom made.

Technical information


  • 530x295-S/S-VF600GP Internal M.
  • 725x295-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 935x295-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 935x295-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1135x295-S/S-VF700 Internal M.
  • 1135x295-S/S-1100GP Internal M.


Technical design

Range Hoods - GA - Technical design
530/725/935/1135 - Air Outlet Ø150 mm.
Built-in dimensions: 497 x 267 mm - 697 x 267 mm - 897 x 267 mm - 1097 x 267 mm

Optional items