Built-in hoods - Hit


Integration and elegance

The Frecan Hit integrated hood, made it in Stainless steel finish, fits completely under the cabinet. This model is available ine 5 sizes to adapt to each type of kitchen.

Undoubtedly the integration hood model with the highest performance. The best choice for your kitchen with furniture integration, in addition to its simple intallation system between furniture facilitates assembly, protecting your kitchen furniture.



• Silence VF600, VF700, 1100GP fan.• Touch control.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting spotlights (3000K).

Technical information


  • 600x310-S/S-VF600GP Internal M.
  • 800x310-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 800x310-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 900x310-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 900x310-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1000x310-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 1000x310-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 1200x310-S/S-VF700GP Internal M.
  • 1200x310-S/S-1100GP Internal M.
  • 800x310-S/S-Without Fun
  • 1000x310-S/S-Without Fun
  • 900x310-S/S-Without Fun
  • 1200x310-S/S-Without Fun


Technical design

Range Hoods - Hit - Technical design
600/800/900/1000/1200 - Air Outlet Ø150 mm.
* Depth adapter spacer included. From 330 to 350 mm.
Optional top tube not suitable for cylindrical plasma and FC-Plus

Optional items


Extra information

Easy installation
Easy installation
Door stop
Door stop